Street Department

If you still need curbside services…

There will be a fee for curbside pick-up. The homeowner will be responsible for scheduling this pick-up service by calling City Hall at 334-863-4129. Cost list for curbside service. These prices only apply if you have scheduled a curbside pick-up.

Antenna $5.00

Awning $5.00 Single or $10.00 for Double

Basketball Backboard $10.00

Bathtub $10.00

Bed Frames all sizes $2.50

Bicycle $2.50

Box Spring (twin) $2.50

Box Spring (double, queen, king) $5.00

Automobile Bucket Seats $5.00

Bureau $5.00

Cabinet $5.00

Carpet and Pad cut into 3 foot lengths $10.00

Chair Kitchen $2.50

Chair Living Room $5.00

Computer $10.00

Couch $10.00

Couch Sectional $10.00

Counter top $10.00

Desk large $10.00

Desk small $5.00

Dishwasher $10.00

Door $5.00

Dresser $5.00

Dryer $10.00

Exercise Bike $5.00

Fence Pole no concrete $1.00

Fence Post no concrete $1.00

Fencing – negotiable

Garage Door cut in half $20.00

Hot Water Heater $10.00

Humidifier $15.00

Ironer sit down $5.00

Kitchen chair $2.50

Lawn Roller $5.00

Love Seat $8.00

Mattress (double, queen, king) $5.00

Mattress (twin) $2.50

Mower push $5.00

Mower riding $10.00

Oil tank cut in half $20.00

Pool Table Slate $25.00

Pool Table small $5.00

Pool filter $10.00

Post $1.00

Railing $5.00

Railroad Ties halved $3.00

Recliners $5.00

Rowing Machine $5.00

Sewing Machine $5.00

Sink with Vanity $5.00

Sink bathroom $5.00

Sofa $10.00

Stove whole unit $10.00

Swing Set must be dismantled $10.00

Table small $5.00

Table dining room $10.00

Table Kitchen $5.00

Toilet $10.00

Trash Compactor $10.00

Washer/dryer combo $15.00

Washers $10.00

Water Heaters $10.00

Water Cooler $8.00

Water softener machine $5.00

Wheelbarrow $2.50

Windows $2.50

The City of Roanoke Street Department
829 Lafayette Highway
Roanoke, AL 36274

Contact information: 334-863-4129

Hours of Operation:6 a.m. to 3 p.m. (changes with season)

$10.00 per Truck bed
$15.00 per pull behind trailer
Acceptable items for disposal at convenient center:

1. Appliances- nothing containing Freon
2. Wood
3. Metal
4. Furniture
5. Drywall
6. Paint cans (the top must be off and the inside dry)

Unacceptable items for disposal at convenient center:

1. Tires
2. Oil
3. Chemicals

We CANNOT accept these appliances: Air conditioners, freezers, refrigerators, televisions, or other electronics


STEP ONE: Enter City Hall to make payment for hauling to convenience center. Keep your receipt as proof of payment.
STEP TWO: Take your haul away items to the convenience center. Show your receipt as proof of payment.

Dear Citizens of Roanoke,

As the elected leaders of the City of Roanoke our priority is to be good stewards of your money. Every decision the Roanoke City Council makes is with the best interest of our citizens, and your tax dollars, in mind.

Due to the rising costs of fuel, labor, and equipment, and the desire of the city to provide better streets, bridges, and to re pair and maintain infrastructures, the City of Roanoke is changing the way we collect construction and demolition materials.

Beginning March 1, 2023, The City of Roanoke will no longer provide curbside pick-up of construction and demolition materials for no cost. There will be a fee for curbside construction and demolition pick-up, see list below. The homeowner and/or resident will be responsible for scheduling this pick-up service by calling City Hall at 334-863-4129.

The City WILL continue to pick up trees, limbs, and shrubs at no cost. To help with the disposal of these materials, the City of Roanoke will offer a convenience center located at 829 Lafayette Highway, Roanoke, Alabama (The National Guard Armory Building).

Roanoke Citizens, only, will be able to take items
such as furniture, appliances, metal, and wood items to the convenience center for disposal. Please see attached list of acceptable and unacceptable items. There will be a $10 fee per truck load, and a $15 fee for each trailer load.

No commercial vehicles allowed.

The convenience center will be open for business Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8-3. Citizens will call The Roanoke Street Department, 334-863-4129, to schedule a dump.

We understand these changes may bring some challenges, and we are diligently working towards a smooth transition. More information will be provided as it is available. All citizens are expected to comply with the new policy.

Anyone leaving construction materials on the curbs are subject to fines after March 1, 2023.

We are diligently working to move the City of Roanoke forward, and we appreciate your continued support of these efforts.